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FT Search Manager

The FT Search Manager is an IBM Notes search tool that allows any user to search all of their favourite Notes databases (e.g. Mail & Archives, Chats, Applications, Quickr etc) and File Systems simultaneously.

Searching can be performed from a Notes Client, Browser or Web Service, installed on a server, and/or replicated locally. The databases being searched can be anywhere.

Users can search Notes Mail & Archives, Sametime Chats, File Systems, Domain Indexes, Mail Journals, custom Notes Applications, Websites and Quickr, and all at the same time.

Search functionality can be easily integrated into the Notes Client (via Mail Integration, Actions, Bookmarks, Toolbar Icons, Widgets etc) or Applications & Websites via design integration, such as frames & iframes.

Results display the Search phrases in the context of the document, making it easy to locate target data, and users can easily refine, resort or export results.

You can also use the tool as part of your migration strategy, allowing users to export mail data themselves, on demand, to PST, PDF, HTML or EML. For more information, please see our Export Search page.

Mail & Mail Archive Searching

Compliance & Discovery Searching

Faceted Searching

File System Searching

Widget Searching

Sametime Chat Searching

iNotes Mobile Searching

Attachment Searching

Notes Mail Integration

Searching Within Results

Result De-Duplication

List-Style Results

Automatic Navigation to Query

Other Functions

Key Features
  • Notes, Browser and Web Service searching, server-based or locally.
  • Search Notes Data (server-based or local), File Systems (server-based or local), or both at the same time.
  • Search Mail, Archives and Chats from the Notes Client and iNotes, including bespoke applications.
  • Search via Web Service, exposing Notes Data & File Systems to Web Service Consumers.
  • Search from any of your existing applications.
  • Search Quickr Places, Blogs and Wikis at the same time as other Notes data.
  • Sortable, re-searchable, exportable results.
  • Search phrases show in context in the result set, making it easy to find target data.
  • Perform custom functions on selected results, e.g. exporting mail to PDF.
  • Fully translatable and customisable UI.
  • Conforms to Notes security.
  • Automatic setup.
  • Optional automatic bugfixing & version updating.

Next Steps

"IONET FT Search Manager is among the best first class Notes-Apps I have seen...."
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky, GCC - Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn

We needed a tool for searching multiple databases and found that the FT Search Manager meets our needs perfectly.
Jürgen Starkl, Porsche Informatik, Austria.

"FT Search Manager is really the "killer app" we have been searching for....I found nothing that can compare with FT Search Manager's flexibility, ease of use, stability, and quality of results."
Brent Nye, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA.

"The Tool is actually AMAZING, it saves me A LOT of time searching through my Local Archives..."
Francisco Javier Ibarra Cavazos, CEMEX, USA.

"FTSM is the best thing that happened to Lotus Notes and continues to be...."
Sherry Thomas, Large IT Multinational, India.

"Started using your search tool - VERY good results so far. Thank You - this has been VERY helpful"
Corbett Schollmeyer, Large IT Multinational, USA.

"...the speed of searching is extraordinary..."
Mike Moloney, Legal Systems Manager, Large Australian Government Agency.

"Just want to compliment you for this great tool, it saves a lot of work."
Rob Buurman, Asics.

"It's a great product at a great price and something everyone in the Notes/Domino community should be using."
Tom Markovich, Chicago Lotus Notes User Group (GRANITE).

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