The following is a selection of comments received from our customers.

Notes Pipeliner

"Was an easy and smart one ... never had such a smart big bang migration like this one"
Peter Groh, Senior Domino Architect, Notes IT (Germany).

"The IONET Archiver for Notes/Domino product, has allowed us to create a hierarchy for email data. i.e. Online, (mail server), near-online, (Archive Server), and off line, CD/DVD storage. It also allows us to archive documents in our application databases, without having to do any design changes to the database templates. We have found the support from IONET to be second to none, and have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone."
Walter Pidwarko, Lotus Notes Administrator, Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd.

"IONET Software's Archiver for Lotus Notes has quickly become an invaluable product in order to help us manage our users everyday email while continuing to provide access to archived messages in a seamless and efficient manner. The administration component is easy to maintain and is flexible enough to allow us to archive in the manner we see fit for our needs. User activation for this product was very quick and executed without unnecessary user intervention.

Also, IONET Software have been very helpful and attentive when necessary. We are very excited to have found such a great product and company to help with our email management."

Mike Venditti, Family & Children's Services Niagara, Canada.

"We have solved our problem of archiving tons of emails with an easy and professional solution. Full support belong installation, configuration and also now on production time. Quick fix of bugs and lot on new implementations based also on our request. Thanks IONET,"
Andrea Zardo, BPT S.p.A, Italy.

"CB&I The Hague has evaluated the Symantec Enterprise Vault and EMC Mail Extender, with the Symantec system set up at CB&I for testing. Ultimately, the choice went to the IONET Archiver for the following reasons;

-  The price of the IONET Archiver is significantly lower.
-  The IONET Archiver implementation is fully reversible, which is also the case for archived email databases.
-  The implementation period for the IONET Archiver is much shorter and CB&I personnel can perform this task independently.
-  The Symantec EV cannot archive mail files where there is no matching person document in the name and address book. We use mail-in databases for projects because you do not have to pay IBM licenses. Mail-in databases cannot be archived with Symantec EV."

Harry Horning, CB&I, The Netherlands.

"We have used the IONET archive solution because our production servers were at capacity, and installing a dedicated archive server & using the IONET Archiver provided us with a lower total cost than expanding our production servers. Another important factor is the native Domino aspect - this gives us more flexibility in installation and configuration and is a process we are familiar with. Also, it helps that we only need to add design elements to production databases, not change or delete anything. Lastly, the flexibility of the tool allows us to choose our own path as to how we archive data."
John van Loon, RijkZwaan, The Netherlands.

"To address its data storage issues, Iv-Groep BV implemented an e-mail archiving solution from IBM Business Partner IONET. The new IONET system archives e-mail from the existing Lotus environment based on the company’s demands. Once configured, the e-mail archive process runs automatically. The company can determine which e-mail messages are archived based on predetermined requirements, for example the age of messages.
Company employees can access archived e-mail messages as easily as before, and e-mail messages remain visible in employee mail file folders, because the archive database is connected to the mail file folders. Archived e-mail can be accessed via the Lotus Domino Message Server software, which hosts the IONET archive solution. The archive solution also offers Iv-Groep BV special search functionality that searches both archived and not archived e-mail messages, meaning that users are not impacted if a message is archived. The solution can be used for both personal and general e-mail databases.
As a result, Iv-Groep BV increased control over data growth in its Lotus environment, improving server performance and reducing backup times. The cost-effective, easy-to-manage solution allows the company to restrict when and how messages are archived, while also providing employees with easy access to archived messages. Furthermore, the solution was quick and easy to install."

Edwin de Priester, Iv-Groep B.V., The Netherlands.

FT Search Manager

"IONET FT Search Manager is among the best first class Notes-Apps I have seen. With the standard setup it gives an immediate and easy start to simple as well as advanced FT-searches in your active mail file and mail archives. With its ample customization options it allows to fine-tune your Notes workspace to whichever individual search-pattern you prefer - in your mail, a collection of arbitrary other Notes applications, and even desktop folders. In my daily work most of the time search does not end up with a passive look at a list of identified documents. I rather want to engage in actions upon selected or all documents of the search result list. Here FT Search Manager offers rich action options, including among others copying of documents to chosen target places or, most valuable, export to PDF. IONET FT Search Manager works flawless on our MS Windows and Mac clients alike. Last but not least the IONET team exceeded our expectation in their customer support services and help for fine-tuning our search installations."
Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky, GCC - Groupware Competence Center, University of Paderborn

"We needed a tool for searching multiple databases and found that the FT Search Manager meets our needs perfectly. Also the support works very fast, as we required some enhancements (a Web Service interface for example)."
Jürgen Starkl, Porsche Informatik, Austria.

"Your software is a big hit with our field sales and technical service group, and our product managers. It saves time answering customer questions around the globe. Thank you for this elegant solution!"
Mitch Holtzer, Director Assembly Materials R&D, Cookson Electronics, USA.

"The Tool is actually AMAZING, it saves me A LOT of time searching through my Local Archives..."
Francisco Javier Ibarra Cavazos, CEMEX, USA.

"FTSM is the best thing that happened to Lotus Notes and continues to be...."
Sherry Thomas, Large IT Multinational, India.

"Started using your search tool - VERY good results so far. Thank You - this has been VERY helpful"
Corbett Schollmeyer, Large IT Multinational, USA.

"Google-like search functionality is ubiquitous on the World Wide Web, and Notes/Domino has lagged behind in this area for many years. FT Search Manager now brings Notes & Domino into the 21st century with its simple configuration, easy-to-use interface, and customizable, intuitive search results ......In addition, the fact that FT Search Manager is completely Notes native makes it a snap to deploy with our existing solutions with no executables or third-party installers required. FT Search Manager is really the "killer app" we have been searching for.

Beyond the initial effectiveness of the tool, perhaps the most valuable aspect of doing business with IONET has been their willingness to customize the application to perform specific functionality. While this functionality is obscure and unlikely to be used widely, it is a tremendous benefit to most of our customers.

IONET's FT Search Manager allows us to meet a mission-critical need for several of our largest customers. IONET has provided a tool that we were A) unable to effectively develop in-house and B) unable to find from other IBM Business Partners or third-party vendors. I found nothing that can compare with FT Search Manager's flexibility, ease of use, stability, and quality of results. It is the only multi-database search tool I will recommend to associates or other businesses using Lotus Notes & Domino."

Brent Nye, Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA

"NSW Trade and Investment staff using the IONET Mail, Archive and Local file search tool have found it extremely beneficial. A staff member who manages multiple similar email accounts has commented that messages are sometimes sent to the wrong address. With the search tool it does not matter which of the similar accounts the message is in, it can always be located simply and quickly."
Darryl Wright, Messaging Manager, NSW Trade & Industry, Australia.

"Just want to compliment you for this great tool, it saves a lot of work."
Rob Buurman, Asics.

"... the speed of searching is extraordinary..."
Mike Moloney, Legal Systems Manager, Large Australian Government Agency.

"This is a great product at a great price and something everyone in the Notes/Domino community should be using."
Tom Markovich, Chicago Lotus Notes User Group (GRANITE).

"This is excellent! I was able to simulate my manual search and it returned the results as expected and placed them into my empty mailbox for further processing using the updated copy function. This could cut hours out of a search, especially a big one."
Eric Matthews, City of Richardson, Texas, USA.

"The FT Search Manager is exactly what our organization needed. The Domino domain search didn’t meet all of our requirements and didn't provide the user experience we wanted for staff on our intranet. We were unable to address some of these issues programmatically, and other solutions we looked at either didn’t meet our requirements or were cost prohibitive. The ability of this product to tightly integrate with Lotus Notes/Domino, search by field, and display the results in a browser-friendly manner make this product a winner. The efficiency created by the software allows us to save resources and direct those resources towards building a better world for children."
Mike Nichols, Intranet Editor, World Vision United States.

"The company keeps improving the FT search all the time and keeps me informed of the new versions. They also have excellent customer support which is keeping us using the product. I would recommend FT Search to any Domino Administrator. We started using it to search multiple mail journals and the results were very positive. The vendor went to customize the application to match our needs for a reasonable price....Thanks for the constant care for my application. This is exquisite customer service."
Tedy Abramovici, International Financial Data Services, Toronto, Canada.

"We used this product in lieu of the standard domain search feature. In comparison, FT Search Manager has many additional features and is very customizable. I highly recommend this product for anyone looking for a Notes/Domino search engine."
Jamie Jenkins, American Appraisal Associates, Wisconsin, USA.

"Because the volume of data in our application is huge we had to split into multiple databases - one is around 20 Gig, another around 25 Gig, and the monster is currently running at just under 50 Gig. We needed a way of searching all 3 databases at the same time and IONET fit the bill. Not only can we search across multiple databases but I have been able to customise the search form so that no-one need know a field name, and that helps the customer experience so much. Despite being in totally different time zones the support has been fantastic and very quick. Any suggestions that we have had to improve the product have been taken on board and delivered in super quick time."
Sue Smith, MHRA, UK.

"We were looking for a search engine that could search multiple LN databases including the attachments within records. FT Search Manager fit the bill perfectly and works like a charm. IONET even customized the search engine for us, making it super easy to use. We can add new databases to search fairly quickly and users can expand or narrow their searches easily. We added database logos to help distinguish where the search results were found. It's a fantastic tool at a reasonable price. We have 7 LN databases linked to the tool and it saves our users time. We couldn't be happier."
Barbara Hall, IDC Canada.

"This is fantastic. I think the changes you implemented make this an even more useful tool. Thanks a lot."
Tom Sheridan, I.T. Director, Gas Technology Institute, Illinois, USA.

"Thanks again for this wonderful tool."
Dean Swanson, IT Manager, Micro-Watt Control Devices Ltd, Calgary, Canada.

Change Manager

"The software is really doing it's job for us. We used to have lots of unidentified/unexplained changes, now we have none."
Walter Pidwarko, Lotus Notes Administrator, Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd.

"We use this tool to monitor changes in our domino network as we have some "semi time" admins and I sometimes have no control what they are doing - With IONET Change Manager I get all these things documented automatically and it saves me a lot of investigating when problems occur. Great product, easy to install and maintain."
Raoul Morik, Julius Blum GmbH, Austria.

"An excellent tool to monitor and follow all security-relevant issues like Administration groups and security settings in the server documents. Another really impressive function is the Comparison-tool. You are able to compare notes.ini's and directly open them without opening the original notes.ini on the server. But the most valuable thing from IONET is the support. Although we are in different time-zones (New Zealand <-> Germany) the response to questions/problems is extremely fast!"
Sascha Witt, Olympus Europe, Germany.

Workflow Manager

"The Workflow Manager is easy to implement and has a logical structure. We've implemented it in 5 databases (Products db, Activity db, etc...). It saved me and others a lot of time. Management can see the benefit of a good workflow. I hope (as Head of the Development Group) that we will implement it in about 75 databases the coming year"
Jaimy van der Spoel, AHKC Netherlands.

"I am very impressed with the richness and versatility of your Workflow Manager"
Andrew Sadler, Developer Global Solutions, Flint Group, USA.

"With Workflow Manager I sense a willingness to communicate and work with me that I find shockingly refreshing. Really. I've wanted to purchase your product over some of the more established commercial Workflow systems just on the openness of your company, but add in the polish, versatility, and directness of Workflow Manager, plus it's reasonable price, and it became my top choice."
William Peak, consultant to a Fortune 500 Company, US.

"I think the product is great and it has saved me a ton of development man hours...best support for an application I've ever had."
Ray Padilla, Project Specialist, Fortune 500 Company, USA.

"The engine works without problems. The Notes developer is able to fully adapt the form and views to the wishes of the client and users. The workflow steps are managed by the use of configuration documents. A nice feature is the delegation profiles. When an approver becomes ill the database manager is able to assign a new approver in order to allow the workflow to continue. The tool allows a separation between the Developer and Application Manager responsibilities. The Application Manager is able to manage the workflow configurations, email settings and delegation settings. Overall we are pleased with this product"
Marten Vosmer, ABB Lummus Global, The Netherlands.

"The Workflow Manager has proved invaluable in producing a number of consistent Workflow applications that our customers and developers can easily follow"
John McCawe, Application and Technical Services Manager, New Zealand Ministry of Health.

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