Migrating Notes Mail

The IONET Notes Pipeliner provides a comprehensive toolkit for migrating Notes Mail to Microsoft 365™, Exchange/PST, SharePoint, PDF, HTML, and EML.

Administrators can migrate server-based Notes Mail automatically, but also target local Notes Mail and Archives stored on user devices.

Migrate the majority of your data in advance - Mail doesn't change much after delivery - then quickly complete the process over a migration weekend.
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Migrating Notes MailOverview
The Notes Pipeliner allows you to migrate Notes Mail and Archives to Microsoft 365, Exchange/PST, SharePoint, PDF, HTML and standard formats (*.eml, *.ics, *.vcf etc).

Mail, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, Groups, Notes and Rooms/Resources are all migrated, including Folders, Rich Text, Images, Attachments, Special Characters, Doclinks and Domino Directory Groups.

Migrate only recent Mail to production for business continuity reasons, and everything else to an archive location.

Use our Client Automation functions to silently upload and secure local Mail Archives before your migration even begins.

Or for a simple User-driven Notes Mail export tool, please see our NSF Exporter product.
Migrate EverythingMigrate Everything
Migrate all Notes Mail, Archives, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Groups, Notes and Rooms/Resources to Microsoft 365, Exchange/PST, SharePoint, PDF, HTML or EML.
Migrate SubsetsMigrate Subsets
Migrate subsets of Notes Mail to user production mail or archives, depending on your preferences.
Centrally ControlledCentrally Controlled
Manage and Control migration characteristics for all Users based on Groups, O/OU levels or Server.
Provides Full FidelityFull Fidelity
Seamless transfer of Addresses, Images, Attachments, Special Characters, Doclinks and Rich Text.
Key Features
Tick Migrate Notes Mail, Archives, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Notes to Microsoft 365, Exchange/PST, SharePoint, PDF, HTML or EML.
Tick Migrate all Mail, or execute multiple criteria based on Dates, Document sizes, Folders, @Formulas etc.
Tick Migrate Rooms and Resources, including reservations, to PST or Microsoft 365.
Tick Migrate the majority of data prior to your main migration date, then complete the process quickly.
Tick Upload Shared Mail to SharePoint Lists or Libraries.
Tick Convert Domino Directory Groups to Microsoft 365 Distribution Lists.
Tick Profile driven for easy management of multiple Users.
Tick Provides full fidelity for Rich Text, Images, Attachments, Special Characters and Addresses.
Tick Supports distributed Local Mail Archives and encrypted mail.
Tick Supports multiple character sets & languages.
Tick Extensive customisation options for Administrators.
Tick Retains Folder Hierarchy.
Tick Leaves source data intact.

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