IONET Software are an IBM Advanced Business Partner based in Wellington, New Zealand. We specialise in the following products for the Notes/Domino platform.

Archiver for Notes
The Archiver for Notes runs on the Domino Server and migrates Notes Mail, Archives, Applications and Quickr to HTML, PDF, XML, PST, Office 365 and Sharepoint. It also provides traditional NSF-NSF archiving for Notes Mail and Applications.

For example, your Mail and Archives can be migrated to PST or Office 365, your Applications to HTML, PDF or Sharepoint, and your Quickr environment to XML or HTML. You can also automatically migrate local Mail Archives, or allow users to migrate their own data on demand.

FT Search Manager
The FT Search Manager is a Notes search engine that allows any user to search selected Notes databases (Mail & Archives, Applications, File Systems, Quickr etc) simultaneously, using standard Notes queries. Searching can use a Notes Client, Browser or Web Service, server-based or locally.

Change Manager
The Change Manager for Domino provides change reporting, change management and change auditing for Domino Server configuration and security settings, as well as allowing Configuration Snapshots, Benchmarking, Server Configuration comparisons and Directory validation. This assists with Problem Solving and Quality Assurance, especially if Domino Servers in your environment are maintained by multiple Administrators.

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