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Change Manager

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The Change Manager for Domino provides Change Control, Change Management and Change Reporting for Domino Server configuration and security settings (as well as Groups, Registry Keys, ACLs, Database Designs, Log Entries, User Certification, User Sessions and other Directory modifications), and includes tools for Benchmarking, INI comparisons, Snapshots and Directory validation.

This means (for example), no unexplained Group changes in the Directory, changes to important elements like Server Configurations can be controlled, and the use of 'all-powerful' features - like Full Access Administration - can be logged.

It also assists with Problem Solving and Quality Assurance, as well as ITIL/SOX/Auditing compliance, especially if Domino Servers in your environment are maintained by multiple Administrators.

The Change Manager enhances the security of your Domino environment by applying optional Change Control to specified configuration elements. For example, if an Administrator wants to modify a Security Group, another Administrator can approve the change before it's implemented. They can also decline it, return it for more information etc. Even if you choose not to enforce Change Control, changes are logged, and relevant staff can be alerted in real-time and revert changes before problems occur.

Increased change visibility is also provided via scheduled reporting, which allows interested parties to be notified of and retain a record of all changes performed.

Regular snapshots can be taken for auditing compliance, and a range of tools allow the Administrator to easily monitor the Domino environment. For example, you can verify that the Directory is exactly the same on all Servers.

Servers can be monitored via SMTP, and Server Availability Monitoring checks your Servers every minute, alerting you to any availability issues and logging both uptime and downtime.

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Key Features
  • Alerts and logs any changes made to the configuration and security settings of Domino servers. This allows easy problem solving (or conversely, ruling out Domino as a problem cause).
  • Provides Quality Control by allowing you to verify and approve configuration changes made by other Administrators.
  • Enhances the security of your Domino environment by applying Change Control to Server configurations and Groups.
  • Increases the visibility of changes in your Domino environment, via scheduled change reporting.
  • Allows scheduled implementation and reversion of changes.
  • Reminds if changes have not been reverted after a certain time (e.g. NOTES.INI debug settings).
  • Retains an audit trail of changes to your environment, ACLs, Designs, and User Certification and Sessions.
  • Monitors Server Availability every minute, logging both uptime and downtime.
  • Allows you to compare server configurations against your own Benchmarks.
  • Allows you to compare Server NOTES.INIs line-by-line.
  • Allows you to validate Hub-Spoke topologies, e.g. ensure the Directory is the same on all servers.
  • Automatically (and optionally) updates itself with bugfixes, or advises when new versions are available.
  • Automatically installs, updates and removes itself on remote servers.
  • Logs all actions and errors.

Key Functions
  • Specify which configuration elements to monitor, from Server Documents, Server Configuration Documents (including Mail Rules), Program Documents, Policies, ID Vaults, Web Configuration Documents, Connection Documents, Domain Documents, Groups, Database ACLs (including *), Database Designs, use of Full Access Administration, Registry Keys, Log Entries, User Certification, User Sessions, SAMETIME.INI & NOTES.INIs, Directory document modifications & deletions, Person document modifications.
  • Apply Change Control to Directory elements - approve changes before they're made.
  • Automatically create Change Reports and Alerts when any element is modified.
  • Generate and receive scheduled reports via Email, Notes or Browser.
  • Monitor Servers directly, via Notes Mail, or via SMTP.
  • Create Benchmarks and compare servers against them, manually or on schedule.
  • Compare NOTES.INI files line-by-line from different servers.
  • Allow validation of Spoke Server Directories against the Hub Directory.

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"The software is really doing it's job for us. We used to have lots of unidentified/unexplained changes, now we have none."
Walter Pidwarko, Lotus Notes Administrator, Hastings Deering (Australia) Ltd.

"An excellent tool to monitor and follow all security-relevant issues like Administration groups and security settings in the server documents..."
Sascha Witt, Olympus Europe, Germany.

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