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Discovery & Compliance Searching

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The FT Search Manager provides two types of Discovery/Compliance searching;

1. Discovery/Compliance searching for Users.
2. Discovery/Compliance searching for Administrators, Power Users & Legal Departments.

1. Discovery/Compliance searching for Users

This form of searching allows users to personally respond to requests for information (e.g. Litigation Requests), via searching their Mail, Archives, and local PC.

Search Results can be exported to PST, PDF, HTML, EML, copied to a dedicated export database, copied to a folder, copied to a new email, or deleted. For maximum flexibility, customers can also add their own processing options.

The following screenshots show Discovery/Compliance searching by an individual user, using a Notes Client.

1. Search (Notes Client)

2. Select Results and the Processing option
Select Processing Options

3. End Processing
End Processing

2. Discovery/Compliance searching for Administrators, Power Users & Legal Departments

This form of searching allows Administrators or specified users (e.g. Legal Departments) to search thousands of Mail Files and Archives simultaneously, then either view or process the results. Databases can be selected based on Users, Groups, O/OU levels, Directories, Servers or Individually.

For example, a common search might be in response to a Legal Hold, exporting results to PDF for delivery to an external party.

Discovery Search Options
Discovery Search Options

Discovery Search Scope
Discovery Search Scope

Discovery Search Query
Discovery Search Query

Discovery Search Results
Results are selectable & processable on a database or individual result basis. Default Processing options are “Export to PST", “Export to PDF", “Export to HTML", “Export to EML", "Copy to Database” and “Copy to Email”, but each customer is able to configure their own processing options.

In this example, 1 extra line of information are shown per document (the 'Extra +1' data length setting).

All Database Results
Discovery Search Results All

Individual Database Results
Discovery Search Results Individual

IONET FT Search Manager is among the best first class Notes-Apps I have seen.

Prof. Dr. Ludwig Nastansky, University of Paderborn

We needed a tool for searching multiple databases and found that the FT Search Manager meets our needs perfectly.

Jürgen Starkl, Porsche Informatik

FT Search Manager is really the "killer app" we have been searching for....I found nothing that can compare with FT Search Manager's flexibility, ease of use, stability, and quality of results.

Brent Nye, Los Alamos National Laboratory

It's a great product at a great price and something everyone in the Notes/Domino community should be using.

Tom Markovich, Chicago Lotus Notes User Group

The Tool is actually AMAZING, it saves me A LOT of time searching through my Local Archives.

Francisco Javier Ibarra Cavazos, CEMEX

Started using your search tool - VERY good results so far. Thank You - this has been VERY helpful.

Corbett Schollmeyer, Large IT Multinational, USA

FTSM is the best thing that happened to Lotus Notes and continues to be.

Sherry Thomas, Large IT Multinational, India

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