FT Search Manager

Domain Searching

Most Notes environments will have tried the native Domain Search at some time or another, but few actually use it.

While it's fast, free, and the concept of indexing to a central repository is great, the Functionality and User Interface is pretty clunky.

Domain Search Search Form

Domain Search Search Results

To try to improve this, we've added Domain Search to the FT Search Manager, seamlessly integrating with the existing Notes Client & Web Browser Domain Search. This means you can now search your Domain Index using Notes and/or Browser (including Tablet, Smartphone etc), including re-sorting results, exporting results and searching multiple times from the result pages.

The result is a much more useful search experience.

TickConfigure the information returned per database, including the amount of summary data.
TickEasily prevent bogus documents from appearing in the result set, such as hidden or lookup documents.
TickControl all aspects of the User Interface - Labels, Logos, Colours, Fonts, Font Sizes, Highlighting etc.
TickTranslate the UI into different languages - for example the Search button shown here is in Dutch.
TickRe-sort the result set.
TickSearch again from the results.
TickExport results via Notes or Browser.

TickTo download the Domain Search database and try it out, free of charge or obligation, please Click Here.
TickFor information on other forms of searching, please visit the FT Search Manager Page.
TickFor any other information or queries, please Contact Us