FT Search Manager

Export Searching

In a typical migration away from IBM Notes, Administrators only migrate the last X months of mail data.

This creates problems if users have different requirements, e.g. to migrate their Contact information, important older email etc.

To assist with this, the FT Search Manager allows users to search their old Notes data using a Browser, then export mail, calendar items, tasks, contacts etc, WHEN and IF they need it.

This saves migration resources, as users only export the additional information that they actually require. Users can search their Notes Mail & Archives whenever they want, as many times as they want, and export to PST, PDF, HTML and EML. For example a user could choose to export all their Contacts, all mail to the HR department, all mail from a specific person/company, all mail with the word 'legal' in the subject etc.

This makes all historical Notes information available, without needing to export TB of unnecessary data.

Powerful search functionality makes it easy for users to find the data they want, and they can export as many times as required.

The following screenshots show data exporting using a Web Browser (the same export options apply in the Notes Client).

1. Search
Each user sees only their own Mail & Archives. The Administrator controls options, labels, logos, and can modify the UI using CSS.
Search Mail

2. Export
From the results page, users select results to export, plus the required format. The Administrator can show/hide each export option.
Export Results

3. Status
A status of the export is shown in real time.
Export Status

4. Download
To finish, the user simply downloads the exported files (zipped if multiple).
Export Download

For more information, please contact us, or return to the FT Search Manager Page.