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NSF Exporter

The IONET NSF Exporter is intended for single users to export IBM Notes Mail, Archives, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and Journals to internet standard formats (*.eml, *.ics, *.vcf etc), and PST, ready for use in Microsoft Outlook.

For a more fully-featured, multiple-user product (which automates this functionality for local databases), please see the Archiver for Notes.

Users can export their Mail, Archives, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and Journals, locally or server-based, running the tool locally or from a Server.

Exporting occurs in the background of the Notes Client, leaving the Client free for other tasks, or scheduled on the Domino Server.

Full fidelity is assured, including attachments, graphics & doclinks, for Mail, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts & Journals, with a range of options providing full control for the Administrator.

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Default Settings
Default Settings
Export Settings
Export Settings

Key Features
TickAutomatic Setup & Operation.
TickCentrally controlled by the Administrator.
TickRuns locally or server-based, exporting local or server-based databases.
TickCan run via schedule on the Server.
TickFully converts Mail, Archives, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and Journals, including images, attachments & doclinks.
TickDoes not require Microsoft Outlook.
TickCreates one PST per NSF, or multiple PSTs based on size.
TickAllows users to process or skip specific attachment types.
TickAllows users to export data based on date.
TickAllows users to export data based on size.
TickAllows users to decrypt documents during export.
TickCan also be used for file operations, e.g. DXL to EML.
TickIncludes real-time progress display.
TickSupports Unicode character migration, including multiple character sets.
TickRetains Metadata and Folder structures.
TickLeaves original data intact.
TickFully translatable UI.
TickAutomatically fixes known errors.
TickLogs all errors and actions.

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