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The IONET NSF Exporter is intended for single users to export IBM Notes Mail, Archives, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and Journals to internet standard formats (*.eml, *.ics, *.vcf etc), and PST, ready for use in Microsoft Outlook.

For a more fully-featured, multiple user product (which includes this functionality for local databases), please see the Archiver for Notes.

Users can export their Mail, Archives, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and Journals, locally or server-based, running the tool locally or from a Server.

Exporting occurs in the background of the Notes Client, leaving the Client free for other tasks, or scheduled on the Domino Server.

Full fidelity is assured, including attachments, graphics & doclinks, for Mail, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts & Journals, with a range of options providing full control for the Administrator.

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