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Office 365 File Uploading

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Uploading Files to Office 365

Our Browser-based Upload interface allows Users to upload PST or NSF files - of any size - to their Office 365 Account or Office 365 Archives.

Files are uploaded to the Domino Server, then processed using normal Notes Pipeliner functionality, keeping Users and Adminstrators informed at all times via detailed logging.

This process is fully secure and provides an easy way to handle disparately located user data, and at the users convenience.

Note that you can also use our Client Automation Tool, which invisibly uploads and/or converts local Notes Mail & Archives directly from User PCs without user interaction.

The following screenshot shows the O365 File Upload Interface;

O365 File Uploading

Key Features
Tick Allows User uploads of PST or NSF files to Office 365 or Office 365 Archives.
Tick Uses a dedicated Upload database, including CSS customisation.
Tick Fully secures uploaded data on the Domino Server.
Tick Uploads PST or NSF files of any size.
Tick Automatically validates uploaded data.
Tick Keeps users informed of progress at every stage.
Tick Optional automatic emails can be sent at every stage.
Tick Provides an 'Allowed Addresses' list.
Tick Allows Users to cancel their in-progress uploads.
Tick Configurable server processing times.
Tick Fully translatable UI strings and messages.

Example Clients
  • KNMT

    Quickr migration to SharePoint.
  • Singapore Power

    Singapore Power
    3rd Party Archive Mail migration to Office 365.
  • Yara

    User Self-Service NSF and PST uploads to Office 365.
  • Heineken

    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • Hastings Deering

    Hastings Deering
    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • DXC

    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • AMEC

    Notes Mail migration to Exchange.
  • US Steel

    US Steel
    Self-Service Mail migration to Office 365, Quickr migration to SharePoint.
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