Migrating Local Notes Mail Manually

The IONET NSF Exporter allows Users to select and migrate their own Lotus Notes Mail and Archives to PST format, using only a Notes Client.

The tool is deployed as a Notes Database using normal Notes methods, and can be used both Server-based or Locally.

Migration occurs in the background of the Client to avoid inconveniencing the user, and the tool works across Windows, MacIntosh and Linux Notes Clients, regardless of Notes or NSF versions.

Microsoft Outlook is not required.
Export UI
Migrating Local MailOverview
Administrators manage tool functionality - what Databases users can select (Production Mail, Archives, Server-based or Local), what elements they can migrate (Mail, Calendar, Contacts etc), Path and Memory requirements, Address conversions etc - to make things as simple as possible for the user.

Mail, Archives, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts and Journals can all be migrated, depending on Administrator preference.

The tool is deployed in the environment as a Notes Database using standard Notes Desktop Policies, or simply by providing a link or url.

Note that you can also allow users to upload NSFs and PSTs to Microsoft 365 and/or Microsoft 365 Archives, at their convenience.
Multiple DatabasesMultiple Databases
Migrate multiple Server-based or Local Databases and Archives, as defined by the Administrator.
Simple InterfaceSimple Interface
The Export UI is kept as simple as possible, to avoid user confusion and seamlessly migrate in the Client background.
Delta MigrationsDelta Migrations
Delta Migrations are included so that Users can migrate in stages, e.g. migrating only new mail received since their previous migration.
Administrator ControlAdministrator Control
Administrators control all functionality and options, such as Address Translations and Client Memory management, and get an overall picture of user migrations, including logs, debug and error information.
Key Features
Tick Run manually by each User.
Tick Centrally controlled by the Administrator.
Tick Deployed as a Notes Database via standard methods.
Tick Runs in the background of the Notes Client.
Tick Includes Delta migrations.
Tick Decrypts Mail prior to export.
Tick Fully secure as takes place on the Users PC/Mac.
Tick Does not require Notes Mail or Microsoft Outlook.
Tick Retains Metadata and Folder structures.
Tick Supports multiple character sets.
Tick Leaves original data intact.
Tick Logs errors and actions.

Some of our Clients
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    Singapore Power
    3rd Party Archive Mail migration to Office 365.
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    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • Yara

    User Self-Service NSF and PST uploads to Office 365.
  • KNMT

    Quickr migration to SharePoint.
  • Phoenix

    Phoenix S.p.A.
    Customer Mail migrations to Exchange.
  • Hastings Deering

    Hastings Deering
    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • Virbac

    Notes Application migration to G Suite.
  • DXC

    Notes Mail migration to SharePoint.
  • AMEC

    Notes Mail migration to Exchange.
  • US Steel

    US Steel
    Self-Service Mail migration to Office 365, Quickr migration to SharePoint.

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