Notes Pipeliner

Local Mail and Archives

Local Mail and Archives

The IONET Client Automation Tool provides centralised management functionality for local Notes data such as Mail Files, Archives and Chats.
Local Archive Management
Migrating Notes MailOverview
The Client Automation Tool is part of the Notes Pipeliner, and allows Administrators to silently control otherwise inaccessible files on User PCs, invisibly to the User, and from a central location.

This protects local data, ensuring it is secure, backed up, and accessible for both ongoing Notes use and data migration purposes.

Administrators can identify local Mail Files & Archives, decrypt Mail prior to migrating, upload local Mail, Archives & Chats to a central Domino Server for better management, or migrate local Mail & Archives directly to PSTs in-place on User PCs.

Multiple options provide full control for the Administrator, including conversion settings, logging, status reports and reprocessing control.

The tool is deployed in the environment using standard Notes Desktop Policies, and integrates with Notes Pipeliner functionality.

Note that you can also allow users to upload NSFs and PSTs to Office 365 and/or Office 365 Archives, doing so at their convenience.
Manage Local DatabasesManage Local Databases
Manage and control Local Notes Mail Files & Archives from a central, Administrator-driven interface.
Multiple Processing OptionsMultiple Options
Decrypt Mail, Identify local Mail Files & Archives, upload local Databases & Chats to a Domino Server, or convert local Mail & Archives to PSTs.
Invisible to UsersInvisible to Users
Runs automatically in the background of Client PCs, without requiring user interaction.
Deployed via PolicyDeployed via Policy
Deployed using standard Notes Policies, without requiring Notes Mail or any other additional software.

Example Clients
  • KNMT

    Quickr migration to SharePoint.
  • Singapore Power

    Singapore Power
    3rd Party Archive Mail migration to Office 365.
  • Yara

    User Self-Service NSF and PST uploads to Office 365.
  • Heineken

    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • Phoenix

    Customer Mail migrations to Exchange.
  • Hastings Deering

    Hastings Deering
    Notes Application migration to SharePoint.
  • DXC

    Notes Mail migration to SharePoint.
  • AMEC

    Notes Mail migration to Exchange.
  • US Steel

    US Steel
    Self-Service Mail migration to Office 365, Quickr migration to SharePoint.
Key Features
Tick Automatic Setup & Operation.
Tick Centrally controlled by the Administrator.
Tick Runs invisibly to the User.
Tick Identifies Local Mail & Archive Databases.
Tick Decrypts Mail prior to Exports with the User ID.
Tick Uploads local Mail & Archives to a Domino Server.
Tick Uploads local Sametime Chats to a Domino Server.
Tick Converts local Mail & Archives to PSTs on the PC, with full fidelity.
Tick Does not require Notes Mail or Microsoft Outlook.
Tick Retains Metadata and Folder structures.
Tick Supports multiple character sets.
Tick Leaves original data intact.
Tick Automatically fixes known errors
Tick Logs errors and actions.

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