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Archiver for Notes

The Archiver for Notes supports exporting Notes Mail and Applications to XML, HTML, PDF, PST, Office 365 or Sharepoint.

This allows Administrators to target and migrate Notes data easily, exporting directly to Office 365, Outlook/Exchange, Sharepoint, read-only formats like PDF or HTML, or to XML as part of a migration to other systems and products.

For example, one Profile could export your Mail & Archives to Office 365 or PST, another Profile could export Applications to PDF, and a third Profile could export Quickr to HTML or Sharepoint.

You can also optionally allow Browser users to export search results directly to EML, PDF, HTML, PST and Office 365. This acts as a safety net and saves migration resources, because Administrators can migrate the last X years of Notes mail, but also allow users to search and migrate any important older data they need, e.g. employment contracts, legal information, personal mail, contact information etc.

Note: To export local Mail & Archives, please see our NSF Exporter tool.

Exporting can be performed on the entire database, or for individual archive criteria, e.g.

1. Your first archive criteria might delete all mail with the phrase '[SPAM]' in the Subject.
2. Your second criteria might export all mail over 5 years old to PDF or HTML.
3. Your third criteria might then export all mail 1-4 years old to PSTs named "Username" Notes Mail 2013 - 2016.
4. Your fourth criteria might export all mail less than 1 year old to Office 365.
5. You can then allow users to search and export any other data they might need, on-demand.

OR you could;

1. Export all mail over 1 month old to PST/s named "Username" Notes Mail. This can be done over time without users being aware of it.
2. At the designated cutover date, export the remaining data, resulting in all Notes Mail being immediately available in PSTs.

OR perhaps;

1. Select your Notes Applications and Quickr Places, and export all data over 5 years old to HTML or Sharepoint.
2. Export all remaining data to XML and use it in another application.

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