Archiver for Notes

Archiving & Exporting for IBM Lotus Notes

The Archiver for Notes provides traditional NSF-NSF archiving for IBM Notes Mail, Applications and IBM Quickr.

It also exports data from any Notes database - Mail Files, Custom Applications, IBM Quickr Places etc, to standard formats (*.eml, *.ics, *.vcf etc), XML, HTML, MHT, PDF, PST, Office 365, Office 365 Archives and Sharepoint.

This allows you to archive and housekeep now, as well as providing a migration path away from Notes in the future.

For example, you can export your Mail & Archives to Office 365, Applications to MHT/Sharepoint, and Quickr to PDF, all at the same time.

You can also allow users to export search results via Browser to EML, PDF, HTML, PST and Office 365 (including Archives). This acts as a safety net and saves migration resources, because Administrators can migrate the last 3 months of mail (for example), but allow users to migrate any important older data they need - employment contracts, personal mail, contacts etc (*12,000 users at one US company recently used this method to migrate themselves to Office 365).
Archive Mail and ApplicationsArchive Mail and Applications
Provide traditional NSF to NSF archiving for Notes Mail and Applications, either when staying with Notes, or to reduce data volumes before migrating.
Export Notes ApplicationsExport Notes Applications
Easily export standard or custom Notes Applications, including IBM Quickr, to XML, HTML, MHT, PDF or Sharepoint.
Export Notes MailExport Notes Mail
Export Notes Mail, Archives, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and Journals to standard Internet Formats (*.eml, *.ics, *.vcf etc), PDF, HTML, PST or Office 365 (including Archives).
Archive Notes Mail and ApplicationsExport On-Demand
Allow Browser users to migrate their own Notes Mail & Archives to PST, Office 365, HTML or PDF. This works in conjunction with Admin-initiated migration, e.g. Admins migrate the past 3 months, Users migrate whatever else they want.
Key Features
TickProfile driven for easy management of multiple users and databases.
TickArchives and Exports to NSF, XML, HTML, MHT, PDF, PST, Office 365 and Sharepoint.
TickExports directly to Sharepoint Libraries, including creating columns.
TickReduces data volumes to improve efficiency of Production Databases, Backups and Disaster Recovery.
TickProvides comprehensive search and management functionality for archived data.
TickCreates an Export Map of exported documents, reflecting the original Notes Views.
TickOptionally allows users to export web search results to EML, HTML, PDF, PST or Office 365.
TickFully supports Notes and iNotes Clients.
TickProvides full fidelity for Images, Attachments, Doclinks, Rich Text etc.
TickHandles local native archives and encrypted mail.
TickUses XSLT Stylesheets for customisable exporting.
TickRetains Folders and document metadata.
TickExtensive list of management options.
TickScalable to any Organisation size.

TickDownload a Demo Version and try it out in your own environment.
TickRequest an Online Demo via email.
TickVisit our Contact Page and request more information.

"CB&I The Hague has evaluated the Symantec Enterprise Vault and EMC Mail Extender, with the Symantec system set up at CB&I for testing. Ultimately, the choice went for IONET Archiver for the following reasons;
1. The price of the IONET Archiver is significantly lower.
2. The IONET Archiver implementation is fully reversible, which is also the case for archived email databases.
3. The implementation period for the IONET Archiver is much shorter and CB&I personnel can perform this task independently.
4. The Symantec EV cannot archive mail files where there is no matching person document in the name and address book. We use mail-in databases for projects because you do not have to pay IBM licenses. Mail-in databases cannot be archived with Symantec EV."
Harry Horning, CB&I, The Netherlands.

"We have solved our problem of archiving tons of emails with an easy and professional solution. Full support belong installation, configuration and also now on production time. Quick fix of bugs and lot on new implementations based also on our request. Thanks IONET,"
Andrea Zardo, BPT S.p.A, Italy.

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