Archiver for Notes

Exporting Notes to XML

The Archiver for Notes supports exporting Notes data to XML for use in other applications.

This allows Administrators to target and export Notes data as part of a migration to other systems and products.

Data is first exported to DXL (Domino XML) then transformed via XSLT to XML, HTML or PDF. Sample XSLT stylesheets are provided, or you can use your own, providing excellent flexibility.

Data exporting can be performed on the entire database, or for each archive criteria. For example your first archive criteria might delete all data with the phrase '[EXPIRED]' in the Status field, your second criteria export all data over 5 years old to HTML for read-only storage, and your third criteria export all remaining data to a specific XML schema for migration to another product.

1. Select an XSLT Stylesheet
Select an XSLT Stylesheet

2. Archive Applications to HTML
Archived Application Data to HTML

3. Archive Mail to HTML
Archived Mail to HTML

4. Archive IBM Quickr to HTML
Archived IBM Quickr to HTML

5. Archive IBM Quickr to XML
Archived IBM Quickr to XML

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