Archiver for Notes

Exporting Notes Applications to HTML, MHT and Sharepoint

The Archiver for Notes exports Notes Applications to HTML, MHT and Microsoft Sharepoint.

This allows you to target and migrate Notes data easily, exporting directly to Sharepoint Libraries, and adding custom columns using Notes data.

You can target subsets of data within each application, based on Date, @Formula or View/Folder, to ensure only relevant data is exported, create custom folder hierarchies, and create Export Maps of exported data (displaying content as per the original Notes Views).

Text, Graphics, Doclinks, Attachments, Embedded Objects, Document Rendering and Response Hierarchies are all preserved.

And because Notes applications have different designs, application exporting is based on both customisable XSLT stylesheets and Notes Forms, ensuring output can be tailored to each individual application.

1. Set Export Options
Multiple options control data exporting, both globally and individually.
Export Options

2. Target Specific Data
Use Dates, @Formulas, Views and Folders to select data within applications.
Archive Criteria

3. Transform using XSLT and custom Forms
Use XSLT Stylesheets and customised export Forms, for truly individual results per Application.
XSLT Stylesheets

4. Upload to Sharepoint
Upload files to Sharepoint yourself, or let the tool upload them for you - including creating Document Libraries and Custom Columns.
Copy to Sharepoint

Demonstration Video
This short video shows Exporting on Demand, and other export functions.

Key Features
TickProfile driven for easy management of multiple databases.
TickExports entire databases, or executes multiple criteria using dates, document sizes, folders, @formulas etc.
TickCreates Folder hierarchies and Export Maps, based on the original Notes Views.
TickExports to HTML, ASPX, MHT or PDF.
TickExports directly to Sharepoint Libraries (including creating Document Libraries and Columns).
TickUses XSLT stylesheets and Notes Forms for easy customisation.
TickProvides full fidelity for Addresses, Images, Attachments, Embedded Objects, Doclinks and Rich Text.
TickProvides an Export Log that can be used as the source input for Sharegate automation.
TickSupports Unicode character migration, including multiple character sets.
TickRetains document metadata.
TickRetains Folder structures.
TickLeaves source data intact.
TickLogs all actions & errors.

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