Archiver for Notes

Exporting Notes to PDF

The Archiver for Notes supports exporting Notes data to PDF, as well as saving search results as PDF.

This allows Administrators to archive Notes Mail, Archives, Applications & Quickr, to long term read-only storage, such as Sharepoint.

Administrators or specified users (e.g. Legal Departments) can also search thousands of databases simultaneously (based on Users, Groups, O/OU levels, Directories, Servers or Individually), then either view or export the results. Common use of this function is in response to a Legal Hold, exporting results to PDF for delivery to an external party such as Lawyers.

You can also optionally allow Browser users to export search results directly to PDF. This acts as a safety net and saves migration resources, because Administrators can migrate the last X years of Notes mail, but allow users to search and export any important older information they require - employment contracts, personal mail, contact information etc.

Example PDF
Archive Notes to PDF

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